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Rogach meets SBT, or "How to add a remote JavaScript console to your Scala server"

I recently installed sbt, and it was a big breakthrough for my development - before you try things like sbt, you think like "who needs that automatic dependency management", "I can do full recompile on every run - computer is fast enough", "I surely can live without console", etc. But when you install sbt, everything suddenly changes - you find that you can add a full jetty server to my project just by typing in a name and it's version, and do not need to search & download & place in appropriate dir & add to classpath & ... You just type that dependecy line, and forget about it. And you get many-many other goodies as well. (by the way, I had the same thoughts before migrating to Scala from Java - "really, who cares about that boilderplate? I think slower than I type, don't I?" - and the same relevations when I made the move) Now, I feel that sbt increased my speed at least twofold - clever recompilation and sbt-r