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Cutting down on feed consumption

As many people out there, I read web feeds frequently. Usually, I read them each morning, and then each evening. But some time ago (20 days ago, to be exact), I got flooded by problems, and had to stop reading them. But the feed reader still sat there, accumulating stuff... Over 20 days, it accumulated 3,100 feed items! It took me one full day  to read through them. Just think about it - it is an equivalent of spending 1-2 hours each day just to clean the flood of incoming feed items. Clearly, it had to stop somehow. On the course of my "reading marathon", I noticed that I do not read many feeds (Slashdot, Lifehacker, Habrahabr) "cover-to-cover". Instead, I just look at the headlines - and in most cases (90-95%) dismiss the item without reading, since I'm not interested. So today, I embarked on the quest to clean up my feed list. I deleted the ones, that delivered non-interesting content (0 valuable items in the last 10-15), or were just dead. In the