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Jinni is going away: export your ratings!

Jinni was an awesome movie recommendation service - actually, it was the only service that was able to accurately predict if movie will suit my taste or not. Alas, good things are not meant to last, and recently they announced that they will be shutting down the service and will be instead focusing on providing targeted ads for TV. They do promise that they will e-mail users their rating history once the site goes down, but I can't trust them about that - I care about my movie list too much. So I needed to export ratings myself, to be extra sure. Jinni doesn't provide any automated export service (at least, I failed to find one). Since copying several hundred ratings by hand would be tedious, I decided to throw together a simple script, that other Jinni users may find useful. First, we need to talk about authentication to Jinni server. In this case, when I say "authentication", I rather mean lack of it - because all you need is to add "auth=Username