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Scala with bigger tuples

Scala enforces upper limit on number of elements tuple can have. And if you try to go over that limit, you are greeted with friendly compiler message: "Implementation restriction...". At the first sight, that seems quite logical - after all, if in your code you need to write "tup._69", you are surely in a lot of trouble. But it is not so simple! The same restriction exists for number of function arguments, and, more importantly, number of elements in case classes. It just so happens that over time, people created amazing libraries that allow us to do truly spectacular things. Incidentally, sometimes those libraries require case classes with more arguments. One example of such a library is ScalaQuery, a library which enables us to write type-safe database queries. It maps tuples and case classes to database rows, which, combined with 22-limit, effectively restricts your database tables to 22 columns (including id and scaffolding!). I ran into that