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DIY control pedal on Linux

I use Emacs a lot, thus pressing and releasing Ctrl all the time is really a problem for me. Recently I even started experiencing pain in finger joints due to inefficient hand position. Remapping CapsLock as additional Ctrl didn't help much. So I embarked upon a quest to use foot pedal as additional Ctrl. My first attempt was to buy already assembled and working USB pedal, like this one . Long story short, I waited two months, it never arrived (I got a refund, though), so I had to work with whatever I had available. I am an amateur piano player, so I have Yamaha electronic piano with electronic suspension pedal at home. It looks like this: It's some generic Yamaha pedal, but I think that something like Yamaha FC5 model will work just as well. As you can see, it has TS 6.3 mm mono jack as it's output. But audio input on most sound cards is stereo and uses 3.5 mm jacks. Thus I had to find an adapter. I settled on using Proel AT100 adapter: It still doesn&