Scala-tuplicity comes to 2.10

A while back I tried (and succeeded) compiling Scala 2.9.2 with increased limit on tuples.

Some time has passed, Scala 2.10 came out, and due to the recent advent of macros there could be some possibility in lifting the limit entirely - there is a thorough discussion on mailing list, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere close. So, for time being, I updated my duct-tape solution for Scala 2.10. The following script is the automated solution for generating new scala distribution with bigger tuples:
git clone git:// scala-tuplicity
cd scala-tuplicity
git checkout v2.10.0
export ANT_OPTS="-Xmx8192m -Xss25M -Xms4096M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M"
VERS="-Dbuild.release=true -Dversion.number=2.10.0-tuplicity -Dmaven.version.number=2.10.0-tuplicity"
ant build
sed -i 's/\(val MaxTupleArity, .*\) 22/\1 55/' src/reflect/scala/reflect/internal/Definitions.scala
ant build
sed -i 's/22/55/' src/library/scala/runtime/ScalaRunTime.scala
ant build
ant replacelocker
sed -i 's/\(MAX_ARITY .*\) 22/\1 55/' src/build/genprod.scala
sed -i 's/import scala.language.postfixOps//' src/build/genprod.scala
echo 'genprod.main(Array("src/library/scala/"))' >> src/build/genprod.scala
scala src/build/genprod.scala
ant build $VERS
cd lib
cp ../build/pack/lib/* ./
for x in *.jar; do sha1sum $x | sed 's/\(\w*\)  \(.*\)/\1 ?\2/' > ${x}.desired.sha1; done
cd ..
ant fastdist-opt $VERS
And here's the proof that it actually works.


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